Storm Debris Intake, Processing & Recycling

Versansa's debris intake, processing and recycling facilities are registered with the State of Florida and the United States Department of the Interior as Storm Debris Disposal Facilities.  As such they are available for removal of debris from major weather events, such as hurricanes.

In Florida a single storm event can generate anywhere from 1 to 5 million tons of debris.  Major storm events that generate up to 5 million tons of debris generally happen once every nine years, while smaller storm events that generate around 1 million tons happen about once every three years.  When these events happen, the existing disposal infrastructure can be overwhelmed. 

Veransa's vertically integrated approach ensures that every ton of green waste that we take in at our facilities can be quickly transported to FOS' compost manufacturing facility, opening up space for more storm debris.  FOS' high-volume electrically powered processing equipment will allow it to keep up with any sized storm.

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