Restoring Watersheds and Waterways

Chemical fertilizers applied by many farmers are not only deteriorating soil health and leading to less nutrient dense foods, they are actually harming our watersheds and waterways and the unique creatures that live in them, including the manatee.

Traditional chemical fertilizers quickly seep through Florida's sandy soil into the watershed, or run off into surrounding waterways when it rains.  Not only does this deprive farmers of the full value of the fertilizers they use, but when that fertilizer reaches the water table, water ways and lakes, it contaminates the water, damages natural ecosystems, and threatens the tourism industry.  This is particularly problematic in the Lake Okeechobee basin and surrounding waterways, where it causes toxic algae blooms.

Veransa’s compost and engineered soils offer a simple yet effective solution to this complex problem.  Whether used alone or blended with fertilizers, our compost locks in nutrients, increases soil water and fertilizer retention capacity, and protects the watershed and waterways, while increasing crop yields and nutrient density. 

Veransa is perfecting the green loop of our watershed and waterways while helping farmers to use less water and making fertilizer more effective.

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