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Regenerating Soil

Compost is an essential microbial source…a probiotic for the land that promotes a more diverse and healthy soil ecosystem, and results in more nutritious food for people. 


Food grown with Veransa's compost has higher sugar content, more vitamins, and even tastes better.  Our compost and engineered soils help farmers to implement sustainable regenerative agriculture, reducing dependence on chemical fertilizers, preventing soil erosion, reducing water usage by improving water retention and increasing the nutrient density of soil. 

Over-reliance on chemical fertilizers, has robed our soil of carbon and natural nutrients.  Veransa's compost and engineered soils help farmers to implement regenerative agriculture to make fertilizers more effective, or even make them unnecessary, and provide the foundation for resisting deceases that threaten Florida's high-value crops.  

Nature’s design transforms all wood waste, grass clippings, leaves and other green waste into natural nutrients for new growth and increased soil fertility.  Veransa's composting process mimics what nature intended by creating reliable, high-quality compost and soil amendments that can be affordably transported and easily applied to farm lands and home gardens. 


Our commitment to quality extends to implementing an extensive system to remove contaminants such as plastics, metals, glass and other materials that many non-organic composters leave in their product.  This commitment to excellence has earned Veransa's Florida Organic Solutions the rare distinction of the "Seal of Testing Assurance" (STA) from the US Composting Council certifying its qualification to supply compost to organic food producers.


Veransa is perfecting the green loop of compost and engineered soil manufacture.