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Reducing Carbon Emissions 

Veransa is committed to work towards a carbon neutral future.  


  • Application of compost to soils with low organic matter is a proven method for sequestering CO2.  Veransa will work with its compost customers to document and monetize the carbon savings.

  • Using wood waste instead of harvesting living trees for biomass energy fuel not only supplants use of coal, but leaves those trees standing so that they can continue sequestering carbon.

  • Providing an alternative to landfilling green waste, which represents up to 40% of the waste stream, reduces methane emissions, a well known climate change gas.


  • Going the extra mile and working toward an all electric processing and manufacturing system that not only reduces costs and increases reliability, but reduces Veransa's operating carbon footprint, and increases the environmental value of its products and services.  

Veransa is perfecting the green loop by reducing its carbon operating footprint and helping its customers to sequester carbon and replace use of fossil fuels for power generation.