Products & Services

Veransa's partner companies offer the following products and services.  We encourage you to visit their web sites ( and to learn more about their offerings:

  • Yard Waste Intake, Processing & Recycling

  • Storm Debris Intake, Processing & Recycling

  • Municipal Processing and Removal

  • Organic Compost & Engineered Soils

  • Energy Feedstock & Fuels

  • Mulch Feedstock

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Yard Waste Intake, Processing & Recycling

Veransa currently provides yard waste intake, processing and recycling services through its partner companies Consolidated Resource Recovery (CRR) and Florida Organic Solutions (FOS). 

Together these companies accept and process over 300,000 tons annually.


Consolidated Resource Recovery

CRR is one of the largest yard waste intake, processing and recycling networks in Florida.  It offers highly experienced, dependable, adaptable, and environmentally sound yard and wood waste recycling services as well as expansive, flexible municipal yard waste intake, processing, and recycling services. 

CRR's network includes facilities in Sarasota/Bradenton, Pinellas Park and Tampa where they annually process and recycle hundreds of thousands of tons of wood and yard waste for both municipal and commercial clients.

CRR also provides processing and removal services for municipal landfills and private recycling centers, including operating under contracts with Brevard County Landfill, Volusia County Landfill, and many more.  

Florida Organic Solutions (FOS)

While FOS is primarily a compost manufacturing facility, it is also one of the largest green waste intake and recycling centers in Florida serving the North Eastern parts of Tampa and areas around Seffner and Thonotosassa.  

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Storm Debris Intake, Processing & Recycling

Versansa's debris intake, processing and recycling facilities are registered with the State of Florida and the United States Department of the Interior as Storm Debris Disposal Facilities.  As such they are available for removal of debris from major weather events, such as hurricanes.

In Florida a single storm event can generate anywhere from 1 to 5 million tons of debris.  Major storm events that generate up to 5 million tons of debris generally happen once every nine years, while smaller storm events that generate around 1 million tons happen about once every three years.  When these events happen, the existing disposal infrastructure can be overwhelmed. 

Veransa's vertically integrated approach ensures that every ton of green waste that we take in at our facilities can be quickly transported to FOS' compost manufacturing facility, opening up space for more storm debris.  FOS' high-volume electrically powered processing equipment will allow it to keep up with any sized storm.

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Municiple Processing and Removal

Veransa is Florida's largest provider of municipal green waste disposal services.  

Because Florida law requires that wood and yard waste not be disposed of in landfills, municipal landfills are required to have green waste disposal centers associated with their landfills and transfer stations.  Veransa's subsidiary CRR provides processing and removal services to more municipal yard waste collection centers than any other company in the the State of Florida.  

To ensure that it has the capacity to meet its commitments, CRR uses its extensive experience in municipal processing to bid its services accurately to avoid the fate of many providers who underbid and get themselves into financial and operating trouble at great cost and inconvenience to the affected municipality.

In addition, CRR has the largest inventory of grinders and shredders of any green waste processing company in Florida, with sufficient planned excess capacity to ensure that it can always meet its commitments to its contracted customers even in a storm event.  

Finally, CRR and FOS combined have unparalleled experience with removing and repurposing municipal green waste in a sustainable and appropriate manner, regardless of the customers' location. 


From north to south and east to west, CRR is the supplier of municipal green waste processing and removal services municipalities can rely on.

Organic Compost & Engineered Soils

Veransa manufactures a full range of compost and engineered soil products​ through its subsidiary, Florida Organic Solutions (FOS).   We pride ourselves in making compost and soils that leads to healthy, vibrant crops, and increase forage production. 

We produce all our compost through a strictly controlled composting process that is recognized by the US Composting Council, and in accordance with state of Florida waste management guidelines.  Our compost is free of Manures, Biosolids and Toxins.   All of our compost is produced with appropriate curing to ensure stability.  

Our organic and OMRI certified compost and soil amendments are superior in quality. 

​Our Florida Organic Compost is class AA OMRI-listed and approved for use on certified organic farms. 

Our products include:​

  • Florida Organic Compost:  An organic product that meets the highest standards in the industry, including OMRI Certification and the US Compost Council's "Seal of Testing Assurance" (STA).  This product is targeted at organic agriculture and bulk baggers of compost and soil products for the organic bagged market.

  • Florida Natural Compost:  An all-natural, product that is manufactured using the same exacting standards as ourorganic compost. It is ideal for non-organic farming, construction, landscaping and other applications where affordability is key.

  • Florida Blended Soils:  Is a product category that blends our composts with other additives such as peat, bark or even fertilizers, as requested by our customers to create a customer specific solution.

Veransa can also work with customers to blend the perfect product and meet specific needs. We work with our customers to quantify and monetize environmental attributes associated with compost usage and devise the perfect blend based on their needs.​

Over reliance on chemical fertilizers has broken Florida’s regenerative loop of life by robing our soil of carbon and natural nutrients.  Our compost and engineered soil products help farmers to implement regenerative agriculture to make fertilizers more effective, or reduce reliance on fertilizers, and provide the foundation for resisting deceases that threaten Florida's high-value crops.

Compost is much more than just fertilizer…it is a regenerative substance.  Our compost aids in regenerating deteriorating soil health by enriching soil, increasing the soil’s water holding capacity, and increasing the soil’s nutrient retention, even helping to protect our underground water supplies.  Our compost is an essential microbial source…a probiotic for the land.  It makes our ecosystem more stable and the food and plants we grow healthier.

To see a full list of our products, please visit

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Energy Feedstock & Pellets

Roughly 25-40% of the materials received by Veransa companies at its collection centers is woody material that is not optimal for composting.  Veransa aggregates this material for conversion into energy wood pellets.

Contrary to industry perception, wood waste from collection centers, land clearing and agricultural debris is not significantly different from wood chips harvested from plantation wood sources.  When properly separated, wood waste from urban and agricultural sources meets most modern boiler specifications.  It is also completely trackable from its source.


This feedstock is advantageous, however, because it is a waste stream that is generated, collected, processed and transported regardless of whether it is used to make compost or energy feedstock.  So, the energy spent and carbon emitted managing this waste stream does not count against it from a carbon accounting standpoint, whereas for standard wood pellets the process of harvesting trees, delimbing and chipping must be accounted for.


Veransa is partnering with established wood pellet industry participants, and will supply significant quantities of urban and agricultural wood waste feedstock for conversion into pellets or other renewable fuels under long term supply agreements, with the capacity to provide supply and financial guarantees acceptable to major utility customers. 


Roughly 25-40% of the materials received by Veransa companies at its collection centers is woody material that is not optimal for composting.  Veransa aggregates this material and selects that highest quality woody material to sell as feedstock for ornamental and colored mulch.

Contact Consolidated Resource Recovery for availability and pricing of mulch feedstock from all of Veransa's facilities (