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Municiple Processing and Removal

Veransa is Florida's largest provider of municipal green waste disposal services.  

Because Florida law requires that wood and yard waste not be disposed of in landfills, municipal landfills are required to have green waste disposal centers associated with their landfills and transfer stations.  Veransa's subsidiary CRR provides processing and removal services to more municipal yard waste collection centers than any other company in the the State of Florida.  

To ensure that it has the capacity to meet its commitments, CRR uses its extensive experience in municipal processing to bid its services accurately to avoid the fate of many providers who underbid and get themselves into financial and operating trouble at great cost and inconvenience to the affected municipality.

In addition, CRR has the largest inventory of grinders and shredders of any green waste processing company in Florida, with sufficient planned excess capacity to ensure that it can always meet its commitments to its contracted customers even in a storm event.  

Finally, CRR and FOS combined have unparalleled experience with removing and repurposing municipal green waste in a sustainable and appropriate manner, regardless of the customers' location. 


From north to south and east to west, CRR is the supplier of municipal green waste processing and removal services municipalities can rely on.