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Energy Feedstock & Pellets

Roughly 25-40% of the materials received by Veransa companies at its collection centers is woody material that is not optimal for composting.  Veransa aggregates this material for conversion into energy wood pellets.

Contrary to industry perception, wood waste from collection centers, land clearing and agricultural debris is not significantly different from wood chips harvested from plantation wood sources.  When properly separated, wood waste from urban and agricultural sources meets most modern boiler specifications.  It is also completely trackable from its source.


This feedstock is advantageous, however, because it is a waste stream that is generated, collected, processed and transported regardless of whether it is used to make compost or energy feedstock.  So, the energy spent and carbon emitted managing this waste stream does not count against it from a carbon accounting standpoint, whereas for standard wood pellets the process of harvesting trees, delimbing and chipping must be accounted for.


Veransa is partnering with established wood pellet industry participants, and will supply significant quantities of urban and agricultural wood waste feedstock for conversion into pellets or other renewable fuels under long term supply agreements, with the capacity to provide supply and financial guarantees acceptable to major utility customers.