Organic Compost & Engineered Soils

Veransa manufactures a full range of compost and engineered soil products​ through its subsidiary, Florida Organic Solutions (FOS).   We pride ourselves in making compost and soils that leads to healthy, vibrant crops, and increase forage production. 

We produce all our compost through a strictly controlled composting process that is recognized by the US Composting Council, and in accordance with state of Florida waste management guidelines.  Our compost is free of Manures, Biosolids and Toxins.   All of our compost is produced with appropriate curing to ensure stability.  

Our organic and OMRI certified compost and soil amendments are superior in quality. 

​Our Florida Organic Compost is class AA OMRI-listed and approved for use on certified organic farms. 

Our products include:​

  • Florida Organic Compost:  An organic product that meets standards for organic compost in the industry, including OMRI Certification. This product is targeted at organic agriculture, horticulture, landscaping, and bulk baggers of compost and soil products for the organic bagged market.

  • Florida Natural Compost:  An all-natural, product that is manufactured using the same exacting standards as our organic compost. It is ideal for non-organic farming, construction, landscaping and other applications where affordability is key.

  • Florida Blended Soils:  Is a product category that blends our composts with other additives such as peat, bark or even fertilizers, as requested by our customers to create a customer specific solution.

Veransa can also work with customers to blend the perfect product and meet specific needs. We work with our customers to quantify and monetize environmental attributes associated with compost usage and devise the perfect blend based on their needs.​

Over reliance on chemical fertilizers has broken Florida’s regenerative loop of life by robing our soil of carbon and natural nutrients.  Our compost and engineered soil products help farmers to implement regenerative agriculture to make fertilizers more effective, or reduce reliance on fertilizers, and provide the foundation for resisting deceases that threaten Florida's high-value crops.

Compost is much more than just fertilizer…it is a regenerative substance.  Our compost aids in regenerating deteriorating soil health by enriching soil, increasing the soil’s water holding capacity, and increasing the soil’s nutrient retention, even helping to protect our underground water supplies.  Our compost is an essential microbial source…a probiotic for the land.  It makes our ecosystem more stable and the food and plants we grow healthier.

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