Companies & Aquisitions

Veransa has acquired and vertically integrated a series of companies in order to seamlessly fulfill yard waste collections, as well as manufacturing of compost, and engineered soils, as well as energy feedstock, and energy pellets.  Current acquisitions include:


CRR is one of the largest yard waste collections and recycling networks in Florida. 

offers highly experienced, dependable, adaptable, and environmentally sound yard and wood waste recycling services as well as expansive, flexible municipal yard waste intake, processing, and recycling services. 

CRR's network includes facilities in Sarasota/Bradenton, Pinellas Park and Tampa where they annually process and recycle hundreds of thousands of tons of wood and yard waste for both municipal and commercial clients.

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Florida Organic Solutions (FOS)

FOS is Florida’s premier organic compost and topsoil manufacturer.  They have several locations accros the Tampa Bay area, including a 52-acre facility.

FOS produces organic compost and topsoil blends that are class AA OMRI-listed.  FOS compost has been approved to be used on certified organic farms.  The company uses a controlled composting process that is in accordance with state of Florida waste management guidelines, and recognized by the US Composting Council.