Veransa transforms urban wood and yard waste into valuable organic and renewable commodities on an industrial scale. We vertically integrate green waste collection centers with organic manufacturing facilities to achieve highest-value use, waste-to-organics, production. We use electrically powered processing equipment to reduce costs and minimize our carbon footprint. We convert green waste into soil-regenerating, OMRI listed, organic compost and blended soils. We process wood waste into feedstock for mulch, biochar and renewable energy. Veransa has built a team of sophisticated professionals that are revolutionizing our industry through innovation, acquisition and a commitment to the principals of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and good governance. Our mission is to perfect the green loop of wood and yard waste recycling.


Apply the principles of highest value use, vertical integration and circular economy on an industrial scale to demonstrate a new model for urban wood and yard waste recycling. 

Centrally aggregate urban wood and yard waste and transform it into valuable commodities, including compost, soils, mulch and energy feedstock on an industrial scale.

Invest in electric, high-volume processing, screening systems and technology to ensure consistent manufacture of high-quality products, and increased reliability of operations, with a  reduced carbon footprint from production.

Establish a global brand associated with high quality, reliable manufacture of compost, soils and energy products.

Build a team of professionals that transform the industry, and demonstrate a model that can be replicated 
throughout the Southeastern United States and beyond.

Perfect the green loop of wood and yard waste recycling.  

Green Waste Transformation

In nature nothing is wasted…everything is transformed.  

Veransa vertically integrates green waste collection with commodity manufacturing, to implement a zero-waste model.  The products we produce are driven by the simple principle of highest value use.  

Green waste, including grass clippings, fronds, green branches, vines and leaves are transformed into compost and engineered soils.  


Wood waste is transformed into feedstock for energy wood pellets and other biofuels.  We will initially sell wood pellets to biomass power plants in Europe and Asia.  In the future Veransa will supply coal users in the United States with a reliable, transportable, renewable alternative.


Veransa's vertically integrated, industrial scale operations will be ready to reliably supply customers' needs no matter the quantities or the product specification required.

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Industrial Scale & Electrically Powered Equipment

Veransa is responding to fast growing demand for compost and engineered soils, and renewable energy feedstock and fuels, by developing the largest vertically integrated collections and derivative bi-products manufacturing capability in Florida, and one of the largest capabilities in the United States.


Industrial scale facilities featuring electrically powered, high volume equipment will ensure that Veransa is capable of entering into long-term, high-volume supply agreements.  Whether large agricultural concerns trying to convert their operations to organics, or a converted biomass power plant that needs certainty of supply, Veransa will have the ability to commit in volume with bankable reliability.

Electrically power processing equipment not only increases quality, volumes and reliability, but it also massively reduces the carbon footprint of Veransa's operations.  When trying to place a value of sequestered carbon from using our compost, or valuing renewable energy credits, buyers want to know that the lowest possible carbon emissions were used in production.